Build Right Nova Scotia

Build Right Nova Scotia, is a cooperative of contractors and the Building Trades. We’ve joined forces with the goal of promoting the benefits of union-built industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings in Nova Scotia. The partnership will promote the contributions that many of our highly trained workers and employers make to the community. The 350 employers (along with 3,000 administrative support staff) and 11,000 unionized professional tradespeople will continue to join forces to improve the wellbeing of Nova Scotians.

So, why choose unionized contractors and tradespeople?

Everything we build is built with integrity by experts who hold their work to the highest standard. Safety is our first and foremost priority for our workers, contractors, and ultimately our buildings.

Choosing contractors and trade unions that are part of Build Right Nova Scotia means choosing the best people to get the job done correctly. It means choosing to pay that talent fairly. It gives you the peace of mind to go about your day.

Build Right Nova Scotia trade unions look out for their members, investing in their skills development and training, contributing to health benefits and pension plans, and giving tradespeople the best quality of life. Trade unions cooperate with contractors to make sure the right people with the right skills are on site, from breaking ground to applying the last coat of paint—and there’s a trade union for every step between.

Interested in learning more?

Check out the Build Right Nova Scotia website at