Techsploration provides young women from grades nine through twelve with opportunities to explore science, trades and technology occupations, while creating awareness about the critical role of work in their lives.

The goal: to increase the number of women working in science, trades, technical and technology-related occupations by assisting young women from diverse backgrounds to explore a wide range of career options in these fields.

The benefits of the program are multi-fold. Young women are introduced to careers they may never have considered. In addition to the targeted goals, young women benefit as their skills are enhanced in the areas of communication, IT, leadership, teamwork, making presentations, and report writing. Teachers also indicate that the young women achieve increased levels of self-confidence, self-esteem and cultural awareness – which are all vital skills to every occupation.

Techsploration, a not-for-profit organization, is a joint initiative of:

  • Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)
  • Women in Trades and Technology (WITT-NS)
  • Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Apprenticeship Training Division

Many of our Affiliated Unions are partners and sponsors of this great initiative. We also sit on their Marketing and Communications committee.

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