Building Trades Unions have a working model that demonstrates how industry can lead and deliver apprenticeship training, and it is important that these good working practices continue.

We are very involved in training today’s workforce for tomorrow; there are now over 2,700 apprentices in the province’s Building Trades and in partnership with our contractors, we invest over $7 million dollars annually in training and training facilities.

The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency is responsible for stewarding and operating a relevant, accessible and responsive industry-led trades training and certification system.

The Mainland Building Trades is fully supportive of this new special operating agency and its vision for Nova Scotia’s trades training and certification system. Brad Smith, Mainland Building Trades’ Executive Director, was appointed a seat on the inaugural Agency Board, and as the voice of organized labour around this table, will work to increase the profile and opportunities for our apprentices.


Apprenticeship has been working by different rules in each province, and this has created barriers for both apprentices and employers. Harmonizing apprenticeship training will encourage labour mobility and greater employability of apprentices and journeypersons.

Apprentices can now move between provinces and territories more easily to complete their training. As of January 1st, 2016 apprentices’ technical training, work experience and examination results are now recognized across the country.