Government Relations

Government relations is a key part of the Mainland Building Trades’ mandate. We advocate to government on behalf of our 11,000 tradespeople on policy direction and the issues facing the construction industry.

We continue to build on our relationships with elected officials and senior bureaucrats at all three levels of government. Our work includes identifying issues and opportunities; developing policy positions and briefing material; and lobbying on these priorities in a logical, sustainable approach to influence change. We are the voice to counter our competition, and we have had very good progress to date on areas that traditionally have had little movement.

We have identified a number of priorities including:

  • Apprentices Requirement on Public Projects
  • Value Based Procurement Versus Lowest Bid
  • Fair Wage Policy
  • Development of Nova Scotia’s Natural Resources
  • Contractor Licensing

2017 Survey of N.S. Political Party Leaders

Nova Scotia held its 40th Provincial Election on May 30, 2017. As in the election of 2013, we saw this as an opportunity to poll the leaders on issues of importance to the Building Trades.

We sent the Party Leaders a questionnaire specifically relating to government procurement. We decided to focus on this one special area where we believe government policy can have the greatest impact for the Building Trades and our mutual interest: quality jobs for Nova Scotians and the retention of our youth.

Survey Responses (in alphabetical order)

Liberal Party Cover Letter 

Liberal Party Response

NDP Party Cover Letter

NDP Party Response

PC Party Response

Government RelationsGovernment Relations

Government Relations