Affiliated Contractors

Below are some of the many organizations that we’re responsible for supplying a skilled workforce to. Our tradesmen and women are recognized as top-of-the-line in training, safety and quality of work. Everything we build with our affiliated contractors is built with integrity by experts who hold their work to the highest standard.

3242491 NS Ltd./Channel Maintenance Services
A & G Crane
A.B. Mechanical
A.L. Rafuse
A.P.G. Electrical Ltd.
A.W. Leil Cranes & Equipment Limited
ABB Combustion
A-Bek Drywall Limited
Able Electric Ltd.
Able Equipment (2007) Limited
AC Doors & Frames
Ace Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Adam Clark Company
Adria Builders
Advanced Energy Management
Ainsworth Mechanical
AJ Murphy Plumbing, Heating & Ventilation
Al’s Electric
All Steel Builders
AllBen Mechanical
Allsteel Coatings Ltd.
Almar Instrumentation Services Ltd.
Alstom Power Canada Ltd.
Altair Contracting Inc.
Aluma Systems Inc.
Alvin Company
AMEC – Black & McDonald Limited
Antigonish Masonry
Apex Industries Inc.
Apollo Masonry
Arctic Spray Foam Inc.
Armour Construction Limited
Arnoldin Form Work Limited
Arthur & Conn (1985) Ltd.
A-Tech Roofing
Atlantic Alliance
Atlantic Automation Limited
Atlantic Polymers
Atlantic Roofers Limited
Atlantica Mechanical Contractors Inc.
Atlas Testing
B&B Electric Limited
Bates Construction
Bay Road Electric
Baycor Electrique Ltd.
Beaulieu Plumbing & Mechanical Inc.
Bennett & Wright
Bermingham Construction Ltd.
BG Checo
Black & McDonald Limited
Blunden Construction
Bond & Coolen Contracting Limited
Bremner’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Breton Testing
Brimac Masonry Ltd.
BSM Services
C and B Elite Trimworks Ltd.
C & L Automated Control and Electric
C. Frappier Electrique Inc.
C.C. MacDonald Limited
C.M. Campbell Electric Limited
Campbell Cox
Cape Scaffolding
Caper Scaffold Services Inc.
Carey Brothers Masonry Ltd.
CB Demo and Debris Removal
Centaur Products
Central Tile & Terrazzo Co. Ltd.
Chebucto Electric
Cherubini Metal Works Limited
Civil Tech Construction
Clark Glass Limited
Clattco Construction & Home Design Ltd.
Cliff Taylor Plumbing
CNC Energy Solutions Ltd.
Coastal Woodworkers Ltd.
Conpac Construction
Consbec Mining & Construction
Contract Glaziers Corp.
Controls & Equipment Ltd.
Coroso Industrial Limited
Cottage Mechanical
Courtney Richards Welding
Cowie Metalworks
Cox’s Drywall
Crosbie Industrial Services Limited
D Cast Doors & Construction
D&M Oldfield Services
D. Chrus & Sons
D. Hale Electric Ltd.
D.B. MacEachern’s Electrical Co. Ltd.
Daeco Contracting
Darim Masonry
Dawcolectric Inc.
DB & J Contractors
Dean Macumber Roofing
Delta Catalytic
Denvor Limited
Diamond Masonry
Digicon Building Control Solutions Limited
Dora Construction
Doug Chisholm Welding
Duggan Electric Ltd.
Duncan Electric Industrial Ltd.
Dundee Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Limited

E & R Services Limited
Easco Electric Limited
East Coast Foundations
East Coast Maintenance
Ed’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Elite Scaffolding
Elliot Excavators
Ellis Don Corporation
Empire Excavators
Enviro-Core Inc.
Everlast Contractors Ltd.
F&H Enterprises
F.A. Tucker (ATL) Ltd
Falcon Plumbing & Heating
Ferguson – Neudorf Glass Inc.
Fire Stop Enterprises Ltd.
FitzGerald and Snow Ltd.
Fitz’s Construction Ltd.
Fixair Inc.
Flakt Canada
Fluor Construction
Fosco Roofing Limited
Foster Wheeler
Fougere & Young Masonry
Free-Barr Interiors
G & M Insulation & Siding Limited
G & M Masonry
G.J. Cahill & Co. (1979) Ltd.
G.L. Mitchell Electrical (1989) Ltd.
GA Turner Plumbing & Heating
Gardner Electric Ltd.
Georges Plumbing
Germain Mechanical & Electric
Gil-Son Construction Ltd.
Global Firestop Services
Guild Contracting Specialties
Guildfords Inc.
H.B. White Canada Corp.
H.W. Corkum Construction
Halifax Caulking Co. Ltd.
Halifax Electric Limited
Halifax Harbour Bridges
Halifax Heating
Hercules Fundy Grinding & Machining
Highland Insulation
Hi-Lite Electric
Himmelman Contractors Limited
Honeywell Limited
Ian Tate Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
IC Roofing
ICS State
Inand Technology
Industro Tech
Irving Equipment
J.B. Quality Construction & Services
J.P.N. Construction and Design
J.W. Lindsay Enterprises Limited
Jacobs Catalytic
Jamac Painting Ltd.
JB Insulators
Joe Bray Plumbing
Johnson Controls Ltd.
Joneljim Concrete Construction Limited
Joy Manufacturing
JSM Electrical Ltd.
Key Mechanical
Killeen & Sons Welding Ltd.
Kone Inc.
Lancaster Holdings
Land & Sea Instrumentation Ltd.
Lead Structural Formwork Ltd.
Ledcor Cayer
Leslie & Benn Contracting Limited
Life Safety Systems
Lingan Builders (1996) Ltd.
Lloyd MacLellan Construction
Lorneville Mechanical
Louco Contracting Inc.
Lynk Electric Limited
Lyons Brook Piping & Welding
M&M Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
MacDonald’s Industrial Services
MacIntosh Plumbing & Heating
MacIvor & Stewart Masonry Ltd.
MacKinnon & Olding
MacLellan Metal Finishing
Manuel’s Electrical Services Ltd.
Marid Industries Limited
Maritime Drywall & Acoustical
Maritime Pipe Ltd.
Maritime Stress Contracting Ltd.
Markland Associates Limited
Master Mechanical
Maxim 2000 Inc.
Maxim Construction Ltd.
McNally Construction Inc.
MCT Properties
MD Framing
Memco Controls
Metal Analysis
Mobile Valve
Moncton Plumbing & Supply Company Limited
Municipal Ready-Mix Limited
North Arm Engineering
Northern Pulp
Nova Construction
Nova Tile & Marble Limited
Noye Enterprises Inc.

O.K. Coatings Limited
O.M.S. Limited
O’Brien Electric
Ocean Glass Inc.
Ocean Steel & Construction Limited
Olsen’s Mechanical
Omega Formwork Inc.
Opron Maritimes Construction Ltd.
Otis Canada Inc.
Overhead Doors of Nova Scotia Ltd.
Parker Kaefer Inc.
Partners Construction
Paul Landry Welding
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Pentecost Enterprises
Petrifond Foundation Company Limited
Petroleum Services
Pinaud Drywall
Pivot Systems Ltd.
Plan Group Inc.
Plyform Construction Ltd.
PMC Roofing Limited
Pomerleau Construction
Power Brothers
PPG Industries Canada Limited
Pro Insul Limited
Profile Basting & Coatings
Provincial Electric Limited
Pullman Power
Quadra Industrial
Quantum Murray LP
R & D Crane Operators Limited
R. Mainville Construction
R.B. Marine Steel
Ralph Connor Company Limited
RCCI Flooring
Reddick Brothers Masonry Ltd.
Rendan Fabricators
RKO Steel Limited
Robert Higgins (1984) Company Limited
Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited
Rockingham Electric Limited
Romeo Savoie Construction
Ron Parker’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Russell Electric
RW Plumbing
Safway Services Canada Inc.
Sam Erman Plumbing
Sandy Stewart Electrical
Sayers & Associates
Scaffold E & D Ltd.
Scotia Metals
Scott Paper/Kimberley Clark
SCR Electric Services Ltd.
Seabright Electric Ltd.
Security Mechanical
SGM Electrical
Shep-Com Construction Ltd.
Smith & McCarthy Painting Contractors Ltd.
South River Machine Works
Southeast Drywall
St. Francis Xavier University
Steelmac Limited
Steeplejack Services
Stone Brothers Plumbing
Stott Aluminum Corporation Limited
Strictly Doors
Suncor Plumbing
Sunny Corner Electrical Limited
Sydbar Ironwork & Divers
Tartan Interiors Limited
Tartan Mechanical Limited
Team Industrial Services
Techno Hard Surfaces Ltd.
The Restorers Group
The State Group Inc.
The Shaw Group
Three C’s Contracting
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Limited
Tidewater Construction
Torchline Welding
Transit Plumbing
Triple E Construction
Twin City Insulation
Tyco International of Canada Ltd.
UMA Constructors
Univex Canada
Vic Aucoin’s Electric Ltd.
Vickers Custom Homes 7 Renovation
Viking Fire Protection Inc.
Vipond Fire Protection Inc.
W.H.E. Process Systems
Walker Electric
Waller Agencies Ltd.
Watts & Henderson
Waynz Concrete Flooring
Werth Solar
Western Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Westmar Electric Ltd.
Wildwood Masonry Ltd.
William MacKay Plumbing & Heating
YGS Glazing Ltd.
Zinck’s Mechanical Insulation Ltd.
Zutphen Contractors Inc.