2016 Federal Budget Review and Analysis

Our national organization, Canada’s Building Trades Unions has created a review and analysis of the 2016 Federal Budget.

We are pleased with the support demonstrated for the skilled trades in this Government’s first tabled budget. Particularly notable for Building Trades Unions across the country is the proposed $85.4 million over five years that is designated to support union-based apprenticeship training.

Building Trades Unions have a working model that demonstrates how industry can lead and deliver apprenticeship training (such as joint apprenticeship training committees), and it is important that these good working practices continue.

We are very involved in training apprentices; there are now over 2,700 apprentices in the province’s Building Trades and in partnership with our contractors, we invest over $7 million dollars annually in training and training facilities.

This funding will further strengthen the role of union-based training providers. As well as improving the quality of training through investments in equipment, the Liberal Government’s framework will seek to incorporate greater union involvement in apprenticeship training and support innovative approaches and partnerships with other stakeholders, including employers.