Employer Benefits

The Mainland Nova Scotia Building Trades’ mandate is to supply our partner contractors and owners, professional, skilled tradespeople to ensure projects are completed safely, efficiently and with high standards quality. We provide worker stability, and a ready skilled labour supply that responds effectively to changing labour demands.

There are many employer benefits of unions and unionization. Below are just a few:

  • Productivity
  • Safer workforce
  • Skilled workforce
  • Flexible workforce size
  • Uniform benefit administration
  • Mobility
  • Worker retention
  • Dispute resolution process
  • Market opportunities

Nova Scotia’s construction sector is one of the province’s key economic drivers, amounting to a $4 billion dollar a year industry. But most significant is that the Unionized Building Trades includes over 11,000 professional tradespeople, including 2,700 apprentices.

Build Right Nova Scotia, an initiative of unionized tradespeople and contractors was launched in February 2014 to promote the benefits of union-built industrial, commercial and institutional buildings in Nova Scotia.

Fast Facts

Union contractors in the private sector are 35% to 50% more productive than their non-union counterparts. – Steven G. Allen, North Carolina State University

The productivity of union construction workers on commercial and retail buildings was at least 31%, and as much as 51%, higher than non-union workers…and…union workers are better trained. – National Bureau of Economic Research & U.S. Department of Labor

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